Yogi Bhajan taught a compilation of Re-Birthing workshops near the end of his life.  In reading, I could feel his urgency to give us everything he could muster to wake us up and bring us into vibrant awareness.  Kundalini Yoga does this in general but these workshops are designed for rapid change.  Yogi Bhajan was dedicated to humanity and wanted us to bloom into the full potential radiance of the Aquarian Age, leaving behind the fearful, destructive narrowness of the Piscean Age.  

Sunday, September 15th, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, at Kundalini Yoga of Colorado Springs, 126 E. Jackson St. 80907 (across from Penrose hospital).  $30 or whatever your budget allows.  Just give what you can to complete the circle of energy.  Credit cards accepted.  No one turned away.  

Best to practice on mostly empty stomach.  Mostly sitting cross-legged doing arm work, breath work and visualization.  No previous experience necessary.  Let me know if you need a chair.

Charanbir Singh

(David Barfoot)