About Kundilini Yoga:

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini yoga, as thought by Yogi Bhajan, creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit.  Called "the yoga of awareness", Kundalini teaches one how to make their own personal connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe.  The practice is designed for the householder, busy in the world, to quickly create clarity.  Clarity brings peace, even while walking (or running!) in a challenging world. 

Yogi Bhajan brought this ancient practice to the Western world in the 1960's.  He taught us that it is a technology designed to effect specific results (each class having a different and specific focus) and that we should practice it precisely as the ancients did in order to get the proper effect and do no harm.

Charanbir Singh, aka David Barfoot, is committed to teaching this tried and tested practice precisely as it has been taught for millennia.  "To alter it in any way would mean that I have brought my little ego into play.  It is my job to keep my ego out of the way, when teaching, so that the universal wisdom can flow through for the benefit of both students and myself."

Kundalini yoga is not a religion.  It is a yoga practice that, among other things, helps one grow spiritually.  Each person  enhances their own awareness and connection to the mysteries, the mysteries that encompass all and cannot be escaped.  Each individual sees something a little different than anyone else sees, has seen or well ever see. Each person is a point of expression of the universe, is unique and thus, SACRED.